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Julian is the great nephew of a friend Bob Ross who I worked with at EDS

Following  is some information about Julian and his family and some links to sites  that are trying to help Julina and his family

OSWEGO NY,” Julian Thomas Ross is a typical 7-year-old who likes video games,  camping and dreams of growing up and serving his country as a military  police officer and a volunteer fireman. However, life is anything but  typical for this shy little boy, who is already in the fight of his life against an extremely rare form of cancer.

Julian suffers from neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that  afflicts only 650 children in the United States annually and 1,095 kids  worldwide. According to the National Library of Medicine ” a service of  the National Institutes of Health, ” neuroblastoma is a malignant tumor  that develops from nerve tissue and most commonly occurs in children  younger than 5. The disease attacks the sympathetic nervous system,  which controls body functions such as breathing and digestion, while  causing fever, general sick feeling and loss of appetite among other  symptoms.     full story.

Some links to Web site dedicated to Helping Julian:

Julian’s web site

YouTube video about Julian

Oswego FD hosts benefit for boy with aggressive cancer


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