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The cost of designing and building a site is determined after some initial analysis and design steps.

First the site requirements are reviewed  and high level design is prepared. This  determines what pages will be included in the site (See Typical Pages as an example of what a site might include) and what it will look like.

Based on knowing what information and what pages are to be included in the site, we can estimate the hours and therefore the cost of effort needed to create the site.

Once you review and accept the general design and approve the “Build Plan including accepting the cost estimate for the Build phase of the project you will be asked to pay the initial costs of the first phases of the project, the requirements gathering and the high level design phase.

This is how we guarantee your satisfaction. If you do not approve the design  and accept the plan to proceed you will not be charged for the initial phase of the work.

Price Breaks/Discount Considerations: will be provided in the following situations:



    Charitable organizations may be eligible for discounted  labor rate for any work done by Websites and Projects.

    In some cases it is possible that some of the work may even donated


    Since we are a Startup ourselves we know the difficulties and challenges that Startups face and are willing to work with startups in this challenging environment.

In either of these cases give us a call an allow us the opportunity to work with you to address your web site and systems needs challenges,


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